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        96% Cabernet Sauvignon

2%   Cabernet Franc

1%   Merlot

1%   Malbec


Aged 18 months in 100% French Oak

60% New French Oak

Cooperage of French Oak-Taransaud/Alan Fouquet

Medium Plus Toast

Cold Soaked 7 Days

On Skins 30 days

Harvested 9/21/13

15,5% Alc/Vol

Winemaker: Dave Phinney




Was a year of consistencies; low frost pressure, early bud break, generous set and near perfect flowering.  The early summer weather provided Saint Helena with temperatures in the low 90’s during the day and cool nights in the 50’s, making for a great beginning of the growing season.  During the middle of the summer, we experienced a few moderate heat cycles into the high 90’s but for only a few days with a fog bank pushing in and providing humidity and a period of recovery for the vines.  2013 was an early year, picking in late September under ideal conditions, the fruit was uniform and consistent-near perfect thanks to the meticulous farming at Lewelling. 2013 also looks to rival what was a great 2012 and now in hindsight, sits right in-between what could be the three best vintages in recent California history: 2012, 2013 and 2014.  


The 2013 vintage offers up aromas of blueberry and black currants on the nose and once tasted, mocha, espresso, and spice linger with notes of red licorice and dark black cherry on the palette.  The nuances of the Cabernet Franc add depth and complexity with the Merlot adding wonderful weight and intrigue.  I feel this wine has a nice balanced acidity with subtle tannins and should age gracefully for a period of years, however it is very approachable after about 30 minutes of breathing time now and best served at or close to cellar temperature. Enjoy!  It was great working along side Dave to help define my vision.  


2012 GKG Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

94 POINTS - Robert Parker

96%  Cabernet Sauvignon
2%  Cabernet Franc
1%  Merlot
1% Malbec

Aged 18 months in 100% French Oak
60% New French Oak
Cooperage of new oak-Taransaud/Alan Fouquet/Baron
Medium plus toast
Cold soaked for six days
30 days total on skins
Harvested 10/21/2012
15.5% Alc/Vol
Winemaker: Dave Phinney 

Winemaker Dave Phinney met legendary photographer Greg Gorman years ago and forged a friendship over great wines.  In fact, the Papillon and Mannequin labels were both shot by Greg and commissioned by Dave Phinney.  

The 2012 vintage was outstanding in the Napa Valley with near perfect weather, allowing for full, ripe fruit flavors and concentration.  The aromatics offer up a combination of black currant, blackberry pie and espresso with an underlying hint of toast and oak spices.  Full bodied, with flavors of black fruit, currants and dark cherries, with an elegant, lush, mouth feel of ripe blackberry and cassis.  The wine has a complex and lengthy finish filled with ripe dark fruit and integrated, fine tannins.  Bright acidity, sweet firm tannins and impressive structure certainly make this vintage very age worthy.

2010 GKG Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Aged 18 months in French Oak-Taransaud Barrels-Medium+Toast
15.25% Alc/Vol
Bottled October 2012

2010 was an interesting growing season with a considerable amount of rain and much cooler growing temperatures on the whole. Even with heat spikes later in the season, the consistent temperatures were cooler. The fruit has a good density in color with a concentration of blueberry and semi sweet black cherry notes upon taste. Rich flavors of dark chocolate and hints of vanilla cross your mid palette as the overall density of the fruit envelopes your mouth. The new oak is a bit more present here since only making one barrel of wine this year and the absence of cab franc in this blend was my choice due to the fact that I felt it lacked the ripeness to match my ’09 blend. The richness of the straight forward cabernet in this cooler growing season still presents a bit more of a Bordeaux style blend with the sweetness of the fruit being slightly toned down by the pureness and richness of the berries and the good level of acidity. The floral notes on the nose offer an introduction of mocha intertwined with figs and plum. The tannins seem a bit more firm but well integrated. This wine should age well. 

2009 GKG 

Napa Valley
96% Cabernet Sauvignon
2% Cabernet Franc
1% Merlot
1% Malbec
15.25% Alc/Vol

Aged 18 months in French Oak-Taransaud Barrels-Medium+Toast
Bottled March 2011

The '09 vintage offered much lower yields but higher concentrated fruit. The small berry clusters had perfect ripeness due to a longer growing season, which also resulted in a brighter acidity. Ripe notes of cassis and bramble berry open up on the front end of your palate with a strong presence of violets due to the co-ferment with the Cab Franc. Stronger notes of dark fruit such as blueberry and boysenberry erupt across the mid palette with a long soft finish of supple tannins. The well integrated oak offers aromas of vanilla and toasted brioche. The Cabernet came from two vineyard lots-Reese and the Taplin block of Lewelling. The Cabernet Franc and the Merlot also came from Taplin with the Malbec coming from a small vineyard lot at UC Davis.

2008 GKG

Napa Valley 95% Cabernet Sauvignon
3% Merlot
1% Cabernet Franc
1% Petit Verdot
15.5% Alc/Vol
Aged 18 months in French Oak(Taransaud) Med+Toast
Bottled in May 2010

The '08 Vintage offered different challenges due to lower yields and smaller berries. The fruit offers a more complex if almost brooding aroma to the nose. Much more refined than the '07 vintage, the integrated oak delivers subtle hints of coconut and vanilla with a more delicate balance of black currant and black berry fruit carrying throughout the mid palate for a very polished and prolonged finish. With smooth supple tannins and bright acidity, I feel this is a good progression and more a expressive example of where these wines are headed. Here the majority of the Cabernet is coming from the Reese and Taplin Vineyards.

2007 GKG

Napa Valley 90% Cabernet Sauvignon
5% Merlot
4% Cabernet Franc
1% Petit Verdot
15.25% Alc./Vol.
Aged 18 months in French oak(Taransaud) Med.+ Toast
Bottled in August 2009 

With the production of my '07 Vintage and the ideal growing season for the fruit, I came back to more of a structured Napa Cab. than my experimental '06 blend! This wine offers great fruit aromas of black currant and cassis on the nose and delivers a forward expression of extracted fruit. The flavors are rich and succulent and certainly forward on the palate. These blustery flavors continue through the mid palate offering good integrated tannins with almost semi sweet dark berry fruit flavors and a lingering finish. The majority of the cabernet was balanced between the Lewelling and Taplin Vineyards. 


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